English speaking companies can now host apprentices in Luxembourg ! First training in English for tutors-to-be is now open
Publié le 30/01/2023

Photo: jason-goodman-unsplash

As a training company ("Entreprise formatrice") planning to host apprentices in your premises, you shall appoint one or more tutors to follow and train those apprentices throughout their learning path.

The tutors have to take part to a compulsory 3-day training session. Due to the increasing number of English-speaking companies willing to host apprentices in Luxembourg, a first series of 3-day training session will be offered in English, for the first time, following this schedule:

  • Tuesday 14.03.23: full day
  • Wednesday 15.03.23: full day
  • Thursday 16.03.23: morning
  • Thursday 13.07.23: morning (follow-up session)

The tutor is responsible for the integration, practical training, evaluation and pedagogical supervision of the apprentice. In close relationship with the Chamber of Commerce and the apprentice's school, he/she has an essential role to play regarding all practical and professional aspects of the apprenticeship.

With this training course, the tutors-to-be will acquire the necessary legislative knowledge, pedagogical and personal soft skills in order to successfully fulfill his/her mission.

The training is interactive and allows tutors-to-be to meet, exchange and interact with peers.

More info and subscriptions : www.houseoftraining.lu